We have started the shared house!

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    1-46, Hiramatsukita, Konan Shi, Shiga Ken, 520-3235, Japan

We have started the shared house!

2019年4月12日 カテゴリー:information

We have started the shared house specialised in an international cultural exchange since last week.

You can arrive in around 5 minutes by walk at this space.

The image in my head of the customers is freelancers of foreign nationality, and If they live in this shared house, we can talk in English in this residence.

For example, my English report in the school was too bad, but I want to understand their English.

If the communication in the shared house “Ima-plus” becomes in English naturally, I am so happy.

And I want to speak more English without being shy.

I want make this space like a rural environment.